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Strathmore Badminton Club
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Strathmore Badminton Club
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18th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

The Strathmore Badminton Club currently runs Thursdays 7:00-9:00 pm at the Wheatland Elementary School.

Drop in is $5, membership is $75 for the term

Feather shuttles are provided.

Visitors Welcome!!!!

Directions to Strathmore:

Take 16th Ave/HWY 1 east out of the city. It'll be about a 20 minute drive from the city limits (give or take your opinion on the posted speed limits).

For those coming from the South of the city, I'd suggest you take Glenmore Trail east out of the city until you get to LANGDON, then go north until you hit HWY 1.

To get to the Club:

At the first set of lights coming into Strathmore (At the corner where there's Esso, Husky, Mohawk, A&W etc) turn left (north). Drive approx 2 km to the Esso Gas Station/Crystal Ridge Mall. At the mall, turn right (east).

Drive 1 km to Wheatland Elementary. You can't miss it, the school has the brightest paint job on the planet. Enter through the east doors.

(or you can just follow the hospital signs. The school is the next big complex down the street from the hospital.)

The annual Strathmore Open tournament is held at the High School which is the massive complex right across the street from the Esso Gas Station.

Park out front and enter the main doors. The gym is just off to the right.

Our Charter: HIT THE BIRD HARD!!!

Thanks to Kunli- the club now plays/provides feather shuttles.

The Strathmore Badminton Club is headed up by Theo Owel and Al Dougan.

Theo: 934-5538
Al: 888-6081



You'll find that many of our club members use DC Racquets ( AKA PANDA POWER) and APACS.

They're pretty good. You should check'em out.