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18th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

Heeeeeeeeeerrreeee we go!!!
First step - you need to round up a team...
Uh, no, hang on a sec. For most of you, the first step is have a pint of beer, THEN, round up a team. (Kyle, I said a PINT, not a pitcher)
The format is set up based on four players per team but if you are really, truly nuts (maybe hard up for friends?) you can go as a team of three, but you'll be hurting if you make it to the finals. You can also have two subs, for a miximum team of six.
Did I mention this is a non-gender-specific event?  Yep. Players on the team can be a mix of male and female, all male or all female, doesn't matter.  
Once you have got yourself a team, you need a cool team name some freaky duds ( prize for best dressed) . Might want a few more beers to contemplate this. If you are underage, I'd suggest a flat of Jolt cola.
The format:
Start off with 8 pools with 3 teams in each pool. (Hence the maximum of 24 teams). Each team in the pool is pitted head to head against other teams.
Each tie will be decided by two singles and three doubles matches, best three out of five wins the tie. During Pool play ALL FIVE MATCHES HAVE TO BE PLAYED.
Once the pool play is finished, each team in the pool will be ranked 1, 2, 3 based on their record and then move into the elimination draw.
The rules are are pretty simple: 1) The same person cannot play both singles and 2) the same doubles team cannot play twice in the same tie. 3) If a gal plays a guy in singles, you play to 15, but she will start at 4-0.
Give you an couple examples:
Team I - Players 1, 2, 3, 4
Team II -Players A, B, C, D
EXAMPLE 1                             EXAMPLE 2                 
First Singles 1 vs A                     First Singles 1 va A
First Doubles 3/4 vs C/D            First Doubles 2/3 vs C/D
Second Singles 2 vs B                Second Singles 4 vs B
Second Doubles 1/3 vs A/C       Second Doubles 1/3 vs A/D 
Third Doubles 2/4 vs B/D           Third Doubles 1/2 vs B/C
In the first example, all team members on Team 1 play in two matches and none back-to-back.  In the second example, the number 1 player ends up playing in three games, two of them back to back. If this helps win the tie so be it, but after three rounds of doing this, your number one player will have played in NINE matches...
There is some strategy involved and having that fifth player helps with creating different match ups in the doubles. If have five players on your team, you can mix and match your three doubles teams as you see fit (as long as the same doubles team doesn't play twice). 
Now if you have three players...
EXAMPLE - Team 1 is a three player team                                             
First Singles 1 vs A                    
First Doubles 2/3 vs C/D            
Second Singles 2 vs B                
Second Doubles 1/3 vs A/C       
Third Doubles 1/2 vs B/D 
(Doable, but you're going to be hurting by the end of the night)          
Given the inter-gender nature of the event, this will open up the playing field to all kinds of weird and wonderful matchups - so throw convention out the door and use your imagination. (That said, why do I have this impending sense of doom that I'm going to end up playing Denise in singles at some point...)
Due to building codes, oxygen tanks are not allowed courtside and Big Rock products cannot be classified as "medicinal".  The ruling is still out on the use of geritol...
Once the chaos is underway, teams will submit their playing lineup to the draw master a few minutes prior to the tie, so some strategy is involved in trying to create the best match-ups to win the tie. (Like putting your stronger singles players in the number 2 spot which is perfectly legal) as you will not be allowed to see the other teams line-up until game time.
With each round, players can be moved around in the lineup so the same player doesn't have to play singles every tie throughout the course of the tournament and you can use your sub every round if you so choose-as long as they appear on the lineup sheet. In the event of an injury, the sub can be put in without having to be on the drawsheet. You are NOT allowed to fake an injury to bring in a ringer... And no whining about the rules.
Given the amount of playing that's going to take place, using your sub every round is probably the way to go. 
Any rounds prior to the quaters finals of each draw, if one team wins the first three matches and thus the tie, the losing team will decide if they want to play out the last matches to get games in. Some teams are coming in from rural areas and I want them to get as much playing in as possible. After the quarter finals the first team to win three advances...
The schedule of play is as listed above (singles 1, doubles 1, singles 2, doubles 2, doubles 3). The drawmaster will assign you a court where all matches for your tie will be played out. As soon as one match in the tie ends, three minute warm up and the next match begins.
To add to to the overall mayhem, there will also be spot games of "English" throughout the night for money and prizes. (Say what?)
I'll call out a court number for English - the first four people that get to the court play a game of English to seven points. The player who has the least points when that first person reaches seven points will win various prizes or $10 - $20 in cash.
My fun will be watching the bloodshed as people fight to get on the court.  



Okay I must stress that everyone has to pay their entry!!!! Why? The prize money is derived from the entry fees, minus the cost of shuttles, wind-up party etc... 


As it stands there is $1000 for the winning team in the A event, $400 for the winnner of the B event and $150 plus prizes for the C event people.


(The A consol teams will play for Beer and prizes) 


As we're sponsored by Big Rock, there will be a semi-obscene amount of brew to be given away too...


I'm going to cap the entry at 20 teams so we're not playing into Sunday. The format will be a crash four system - which means there is the main draw and three drop down draws, guaranteeing a minimum of three ties. (Some may play up to five if they make the finals) 
Semis and Finals will be played on Saturday afternoon so the kids playing in the ASAA event can watch. (There will be two gyms running for the ASAA event and I may move one or two of the consol finals to the second gym, which is down the block)
As part of the fun we also have a sound system hooked up to a computer in the gym and will play music during the tournament, so if you have a music request, e-mail me and we'll see what we can do about bribing DJ Master Zandee.
All requests for elevator music will result in death by papercuts.

As part of the ABA mandate: the use of POLYCARB eyewear is strongly encouraged.

A/B/C Event begins at 6:30 Friday night at the Strathmore High School. Try to be on time please.
The draws will played down to the SEMI-FINALS friday night - and we'll pick up the draws again around 3:00 saturday afternoon. Everyone will be playing at least two ties, some three, friday night, but I plan to wrap everything up before 11 pm. 
If I've crunched my numbers correctly and the draws go relatively as planned, 16 teams will be playing on Saturday. 

Instead of making you drive all the way back out the Strathmore Saturday night when you might not be playing, we'll have the BBQ going Friday night at the school.
So in between matches you can chow down: BBQ Steak or BBQ Chicken,  Caeser salad, fresh veggies/fruit along and lotsa of pop to wash it down.  I'll be at the gym as early at 5:00, so wander out  to grab a bite before you play.
The rule is: If you ain't playing - you should be eating.  (Or lending a hand with the cooking)

Doug Erickson - SHS team coach 
Ryan Legere - Official Beer Man
Theo and Jeff Owel - Rounding up prizes 
Darryl/Will  - Forza sponsorship of ASAA event   

A/B/C draw is now full.

A/B  = $35 per person to a team maximum of $150
(I changed this given that if you have 5 players you will play less, thus you pay less and I don't have to cart around stack of toonies for change)    

Cheques payable to: Vining Wolff ( Pay entry the day of the tournament) 

NOTE: The A/B draw is an ABA sanctioned event and thus entrants are required to be ABA members. Memberships can be purchased at the tournament and will be handled separately from entry fees. I suggest you go via the ABA websiet as they accept credit card payments

For more information on ABA and memberships fees, go to the links page.

A/B/C/ event will be played with Hi-Qua tournament grade feather shuttles.

All matches will be in the 3 x15 system currently adopted by ABA and IBF.
COLOURED CLOTHING STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!!  - ( Once again there will be a prize for the most colorful dressed)
So bring your tie-dyed, your retina scorching neon... your "anything so gonzo hideous that your mom/significant other would be ashamed to know you wore in public". Kilts are permitted, but no Birthday suits... 
Anyone wearing all whites will be flogged with a brick stick. 
IGA is sponsoring the BEST DRESSED AWARD this year..

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