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Entry Fee/Teams
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18th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

Try to keep the warm ups to minimum (like I let you sit long enough to cooldown) and you'll probably be playing so much it's unlikely you'll ever get far enough away from the court to default a match...
High school Pool Play will begin Saturday morning a 8 am. Open event will start in the afternoon (will depend upon how many HS teams enter.HS is one day. Sunday starts at noon.

Entry Fee is $40/person for the Open event.
High School kids as part of school team are $15/person. HS entry is capped at 32 teams.

This is not a Badminton Alberta sanctioned event, but you are encouraged to obtain a BA membership.
Enrty fee payable at tournament. You MUST pay to play. Cheques made out to: Vining Wolff

For more information about the Strathmore High School tournament to be held in late March, please contact the Kenton Zandee c/o Strathmore High School at 403-934-3135

For directions to the school - click on the link below

Strathmore Badminton Club

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