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18th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

Hah –

now you have to reread this because the format has changed. Welcome to the well-oiled insanity machine. This year we are switching from 5-30 conventional to peanut oil. Why? Because who doesn’t like the smell of Five Guys fries? OKAY – in years past you had to get a team. Well… this year. You still do. Well, yeah, its still a team event.
This is a method to the madness. Embrace it. What you don't like hugs? Dang. The tournament director likes hugs. No, I don’t give extra points for hugs even if you smell like cinnamon buns or try to grab my buns ( the things people do for extra points). This is a “fun” competition – give or take you version of fun. Maybe not balloons or watching the sunset or tormenting a little sister level of fun, but yeah, need to ahev fun while playing hard. (Not hard to get!) So back to the teams: Unlike previous years, NO MORE SINGLES. So this version, you carry three people, with one spare. So that can be two other people you really like and some extra person that can carry the bags, or some other trivial task that I am sure Becky and Calvin have made each other do through grudges. Why three? This year you will play three doubles matches against another team. Only doubles. See below for format! (based on feedback most people prefer doubles and smaller teams makes is easier to form teams) As in years past THIS IS A COED EVENT. Yes – the female persuasion play and kick ass along side the dudes. How does that work? Works really easily, you don’t play well and the girls beat the boys. DUH! Less smart ass, see the scoring box down and to the right. It explains how things work. It also favors old coots like me who could likely pick up and toss these spring younglings much easier than chase around a shuttle they seem to never let hit the floor. Next, you need a team name. Cause it’s a rule. Other slight itty bitty note. There is a dress code of sorts. Toggle down and see. Unless you are getting married, you wear all whites and you WILL BE PUNISHED. MWAHAHAHAHA. No Seriously. All white rule still bugs the snot out of me. Yes this is a slight shot at tourneys and clubs where I have dig out my whites (or semi gray as I'm male and I don't believe in separating my whites and darks in the washing machine) to play. Also I give extra points for people who come dressed in eye popping ways. Depends how you dress may also give you an advantage. you can also negotiate points for any silly reason that defines logic. And this year, because things never make sense, the odds are now negative numbers. Yep yep. Told you the house was going to be torn down. Last thing - the tournament is split into A/B/C and separate high school event.
If there is specific match you want to happen during a tie (round robin only) a team can call for a GRUDGE MATCH.
So if you're itching to take on someone (or another doubles team), you can make it happen.
The rules are simple.
1) A grudge must be called before you fill out the line-up sheet.
2) A team can call only one grudge per tie (whether it be a doubles or single matches).
3) Last and most importantly, a wager MUST be agreed to prior to play. Money, food, manual labor, humiliation... whatever you want.   
Someone must witness it and you can elect as many enforcers to make sure said wager is paid out.  
By the by, I enforce for food.

So how it works. I look at the players on each team and give them a rough ranking as to to whether they are in the national, A, B, or C level using current ranking, previous results in tournments and what I remember from playing most of you at some point.
Each ranking is given a point value which goes into an equation, which then gives an overall team ranking.
So those of you that ask to be in C but are loaded with strong players get bumped up to make things fair.  

This year I'm going to be more strict with seedings. If you don't like your seedings you can drop out - but if you go to another team, that team will be re-ranked with the new players. It may bump that team. 

Bottom line, someone has to be the lowest ranked in eachdivisions.  
Teams are divided into pools within their own level and play crossover ties against two other teams. Ties consist of three doubles. The rules are simple (unlike the scoring over to the right ----> which is from my twisted thought process) the same doubles team can't appear twice in the same tie. You can have ONE spare and use them.
Prior to the tie, the team captains will submit their line-up without being able to view the other team's line-up.
The tie default order of play will be: doubles, doubles, doubles. But if both teams agree, you can play any order you want and any. (I bet you rolled your eyes reading that didn’t you?) You play all three matches and make sure you record scores. Ties are decided by POINTS FOR AND AGAINST!
So you could win 2-1 in matches and still lose to tie.
Yep, that just made it interesting didn’t it?
Once the round robin is completed, the teams then move onto...
Depending how many teams might have consolation or dual pool. We will see. I may even throw a king of the court system at you. Hehehehe. It will be bonkers and random. Now as per the round robin, all three matches are played and the winner is based on POINTS FOR AND AGAINST.
so this really changes strategy. No more stack the first few matches to move on!
Injury Substitutions:
If a player gets hurt while a match is ongoing, they must forfeit that match, but can be replaced by another player if the injured player was to play again later in a tie. The injured player may not play again until the next tie.

The wall color makes it tough to see a white shuttle, so we supply colored feather shuttles for all matches.
This year I managed to find a Chinese suppliers that makes BLACK shuttles. They look like they come from black geese! 
If you can't see the shuttle, you're eyes aren't open and we'll get you some strong coffee to wake you up.
Or maybe a drag through the snow. ( oh, NOW you're awake)
So kinda like the image below, but more black than blue. 


MD vs WD: MD starts -9 points

MD VS XD: MD start -5 points
WD vs XD: XD starts at -7 points
Master versus Non Masters level doubles - Non masters start -7

DRESS CODE!!!!!!!!
Colored clothing is MANDATORY!!!
Sez What?
No that is not  a typo ( that's be quite the typo when you think about it) 
I despise ( loathe, hate, abhor detest...) the all-white clothing rule. (Okay, if you have stocks in a bleach company,  you might disagree)
Anyone dressed in all whites will be flogged and be subject to my nasty imagination. 
So dust off  your superhero costumes,  your leopard print spandex, your retina scorching neons... there will be a prize for "best dressed and it can also earny ou additional points against your opponent.
To add to the general mayhem, we'll have the tunes going and games of "English" for prizes and money.  
Rules of English court - first four on court play. All skin left on the gym surface during slides we be chalked up to "collateral damage". No blood, no foul.

We will have FOOD - sponsored by the Strathmore Club - yes once again we will BBQ in the cold to make sure you got hot food in your belly