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16 th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

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OPEN EVENT: March 14 th and 15th (Sat/Sun), 2015 - Strathmore, Alberta

HIGH SCHOOL EVENT has been cancelled. Teams have been moved into the C event with extra odds.

Saturday games are at Crowther memorial. Sunday at Strathmore  high school.

Whoooa.  16 years? - Think about that. My kid was around as an infant when I first started this silliness. He can now legally obtain his drivers license. And he looks down on most of us now.

I was like 27 when I started this. Some of us have aged like a fine wine (Ana you hag... look your age) while the likes of others- i.e. the dude who runs this event (and can call Ana a hag and not get killed) have seen the worn out odometer side of high mileage.

The upside, I would be considered a classic! Bad news is that we are way past warranty.  

Yes, we've been staging this lunacy for that long. 
Uhm, okay, lunacy might be a slight understatement. This is lunacy with it's own theme music and color scheme....
This is the zone for COLORS

The fundamental principle of this tournament from year one has been to allow rural based players in southern Alberta the opportunity to experience an open style event with feather shuttles and the opportunity to interact with elite players by staging an event "in their own backyard".
It is also to let everyone have a whacked out fun time time and offer up something somewhat unique:
TEAM tournament.
FOR MONEY. Real Cash. or in the immortal words of Conker: Sponduli!!!