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17 th Annual Strathmore Open Team Badminton Challenge

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Strathmore Open 2016 - IS A GO! November 12 and 13th (if needed).

Think we have firmly established that this is the house that bonkers badminton built. Well then I guess its time to tear the house down and try something new. Well not too new, were not like making it a wombat throwing event. Yes the intent is to remain on the lunacy side of sports and you keep coming back --- 17 years. Scary notion: There are "kids" that played this event many moons ago that now play masters events. And in some cases people who played the early years now have their kids playing in this event. Every year is an adventure - instead on a spring event that seems to go from sunny one day to snow storm - this year its in November... and given the farmers almanac - likely to be cold and snowy.. PERIOD! But we are tough - we are badminton players and we have snow tires and heated seats in our vehicles. Give us out freedom or give us.... oops wait wrong movie moment.

Yes, we've been staging this lunacy for that long. 
Uhm, okay, lunacy might be a slight understatement. This is lunacy with it's own theme music and color scheme....
This is the zone for COLORS

The fundamental principle of this tournament from year one has been to allow rural based players in southern Alberta the opportunity to experience an open style event with feather shuttles and the opportunity to interact with elite players by staging an event "in their own backyard".
It is also to let everyone have a whacked out fun time time and offer up something somewhat unique:
TEAM tournament.
FOR MONEY. Real Cash. or in the immortal words of Conker: Sponduli!!!